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Come aboard a kid…

Come aboard a kid, leave as
a sailor

Spending the summer on a boat does more than just get you out of lawn-mowing duty. Being responsible for a ship is a true test of character, and trainees return with stories of personal ingenuity, leadership and self confidence to spare.

Each day is a new…

Each day is a new & exciting challenge

Our sailors follow in the footsteps of the great explorers of the Great Lakes, battling the elements in the spirit of adventure. In fair weather or foul, we sail the lakes in search of new experiences and challenges.

It takes a crew…

It takes a crew to run
a boat

No one person can sail these great ships. It takes a community, working together. Trainees learn quickly that their shipmates depend on them, and that they can rely on their shipmates too. This is how we build community, camaraderie, respect and bonding.

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Toronto Brigantine is grateful for its support from the community and the Trillium Foundation. Sponsors are listed here.

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