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2015 Summer Schedule & Fees

Course 1: Erieau to Sarnia                      July 2nd to July 8th               7 days               $910 +HST  *Passport required


Course 2: Sarnia to Owen Sound          July 8th to July 14th              7 days                $910 +HST


Course 3: Owen Sound to Byng Inlet   July 15th to July 21st              7 days                $980 +HST


Course 4: Bing Inlet to Tobermory      July 22nd to July 31st           10 days                $1400 +HST


Course 5: Tobermory to Tobermory    August 1st to August 8th       8 days                 $1120 +HST


Course 6: Tobermory to Bay City         August 9th to August 15th     7 days                  $980 +HST *Passport required


Course 7: Bay City to Kincardine         August 15th to August 21st     7 days                 $910 +HST *Passport required


Course 8: Kincardine to TBD               August 23rd to August 30th   7 days                 $910 +HST