Duke Of Edinburgh Award

Toronto Brigantine Incorporated is affiliated with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, a self-directed development program for youth. Our program offers many components to satisfy the requirements of the award, and because of this, we started our own award unit in 2013 allowing for officers to participate and mentor others participating in the award.

What is The Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, or "Duke of Ed", is an international award given to youth ages 14-25 after completing a variety of activities within a certain timeframe. The award fosters time management skills and well-roundedness and is highly regarded by both employers and university admissions committees.

The award is composed of three levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) each progressing in level of required commitment. Each award requires recipients to be engaged in volunteer work, physical activity, a skill, and an adventurous journey over the timeframe as dictated by the level of the award. For a summary of the award requirements, see the chart below. For information on full award requirements please visit the Duke of Ed website or please read the provided documents, Conditions Summary and About the Award






  Physical                   Recreation

  3 months

  6 months

  12 months


  3 months

  6 months

  12 months

  Community             Service

  3 months

  6 months

  12 months

  Adventurous           Journey

  2 days + 1       night

  3 days + 2         nights

  4 days + 3         nights

  Residential             Project




  5 days + 4         nights

  Minimum age to   start

  14 years

  15 years

  16 years

* All participants must complete an additional 3 months in either Physical Recreation, Skill or Community Service

** Participants who have not achieved a Bronze Award must complete an additional 6 months in either Physical Recreation, Skill or Community Service

*** Participants who have not achieved a Silver Award must complete an additional 6 months in either Physical Recreation, Skill or Community Service

Toronto Brigantine Qualifies for the Following Award Components: 

- Skill: attending winter program lectures and/or independent work to prepare for officer position qualify (example: independent bosun work to prepare for upcoming bosun position). 

- Community Service: winter program work parties and/or summer courses working as an officer 

- Adventurous Journey (all levels): all summer courses and some fall/spring trips, pending appropriate timeframes for qualification. 

- Residential Project (relevant only to Gold level): all summer courses

The Toronto Brigantine Duke of Ed Chapter

Youth participating in the Toronto Brigantine winter program can now enrol in the award through a TBI award unit chapter. TBI youth are encouraged to participate in the award as it builds time management skills and shows employers commitment and willingness to try new experiences. Many TBI youth who have completed the award independently recommend participation not only because they enjoyed it, but felt extremely satisfied after working towards and achieving a goal. 

Achieving the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an accomplishment that is and should be celebrated. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award provides formal ceremonies for award recipients, where a distinguished parliamentary leader presents the award recipient with an official certificate at a formal venue (shown in the pictures below of two brigs alumnae). The TBI community would also like to celebrate these accomplishments, and will begin to present the official Duke of Ed pins to award recipients at the annual Commissioner's Dinner in front of the TBI community. 

Resources for Current and Aspiring Participants 
I. Registration Instructions

*Remember: you must be at least 13 years 9 months to register.

1.    Log onto intawardorb.com to access the Online Record Book

2.    On the right side of the page, click “Award Participant” followed by the “Register” button

3.    Select your award unit by narrowing the locations down to the Greater Toronto Area, and      our award unit is called “Toronto Brigantine”

4.    Fill in your registration details, and remember, if you are under 18 parental consent is required so you will need to enter in your parent’s contact information. Submit registration.

5.    Wait 5 minutes and an email will be sent to the participant’s email address, and to his/her parent’s if he/she is under 18 years old. Verify both email address in both accounts, and the email sent to the parental account will also be used to agree to parental consent. Parents will be directed to an online “Parental Permission Form”, which the parent should fill out.

6.    Wait for your award leader (Emma) to approve your registration. To speed up this process, please email emmamew92@gmail.com

For more detailed instructions, please download the participant user guide created by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Please note that there is a one-time $30 registration fee, but this allows you to participate in all three levels. This fee is for online system administration costs. If you are a current brigs' youth who would like to participate in the award, but are unable to pay this fee, send us an email and we can waive the fee for you. 

II. Getting Started

Once you've registered you can begin the completing and entering the requirements for the award into the online record book system. Please read the following document if you're having trouble getting started with the online system

III. Sample Adventurous Journey Write-Up

After completion of the adventurous journey, participants are required to write a report outlining the journey schedules for both practice and qualifying trips, maps of places sailed, a personal equipment list, daily meals, and overall lessons learned from the journey. Here are two sample journals written in 2011 and 2012 that were used to qualify for the silver and gold awards, to be used as a reference only. 
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your summer courses qualify for adventurous journeys for those participating in the award outside of Canada? 

Yes, our trips qualify for the universal Duke of Ed award standards. 

2. How does your summer courses qualify for the award? 

All summer courses should qualify for the adventurous journey at all levels, assuming required timeframes are met, which may not apply for the shorter courses so be careful. It will also qualify for the residential project for the gold level, assuming that same course is not used for the gold level adventurous journey. 

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